An unforgettable journey

Extraordinary landscapes remind us that we are part of nature. Easter Island explora guide Nicolas Vigil shares a special moment on Rapa Nui

Nicolas Vigil Guide in explora Easter Island

One of our travelers had been planning a long trip with her father through Chile and South America – it was going to be a very special adventure for both of them. Then, a month before they were due to leave, he passed away. After thinking long and hard, she decided to make the journey alone.


Finding the perfect place

When she arrived at the hotel in Rapa Nui, she told me that she had brought her father’s ashes with her. She wanted to take them to the most special places on her travels, and so we chose a full-day hike on the north coast of the island. After walking and talking for a few kilometers, we stopped to take a break in a spot that seemed especially lovely. It is a place where the waves crash against the rocks of the coast; there are caves there, and the force of the water is so explosive that it shoots out like a geyser. That day was overcast, but every now and then the sun shone through the clouds and we stopped to look at the view.



…a wave crashes so hard against the coast that a strong explosion of water in the sky is formed…


After a while, she said it was a place her father would have loved and she would like to scatter his ashes there. I told her to take all the time she needed and that I would wait a little further back. After some minutes lost in thought, she scattered her father’s ashes from the cliff. Just at that moment, a wave crashed hard against the rocks throwing up a wall of spray, and the sun came out from behind the clouds creating a rainbow that lit up the colorful landscape.



The spirit of adventure lives on

When she turned to see if I was still there, I saw that her face was wet with tears. It was as if her father was telling her in the most intense way how happy he was that his daughter was still there, full of life and enjoying every moment of the present.


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